Without the physical and sexual contact your relationship will collapse

Without the physical and sexual contact your relationship will collapse

Without the physical and sexual contact your relationship will collapse

The fresher the husband, the more likely it is to see him petting as softly as two kittens. Likewise, the older a couple, the more likely they will go crazy and less talk to each other. Why does this happen to them and why does lack of contact lead not only to separation and divorce, but also to real diseases?

A one-eyed person can take a quick glance at the couple, even if one of the two doesn’t know him, and then immediately guess how long they’ve been together, be it a blind date or a deep acquaintance, who wants more than and whether they’re really in love. Usually the measure of this is body language – how much they touch each other, and how bright their eyes are when their partner speaks.

As the newlyweds, so expect him to calmly pet two cats, is more likely. Likewise, the older a couple, the more likely they will go crazy and less talk to each other. Sad. This routine can be somewhat confusing, given that touch is a valuable tool not only for relationships, but also for our physical and mental health.

A study by the University of Miami Touch Research Institute found that human contact has a wide range of physical and emotional benefits for people of all ages. Touch has been shown to reduce pain, improve lung function, contribute to a child’s growth, lower blood sugar, and improve immune system function.

A known fact is that as we get older, we tend to lessen touch. This is an unfortunate fact because moderate pressure stimulates the cranial nerve, slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure, thus resulting in a person being able to be more alert and relaxed – traits that are very important and crucial as we get older / old.

All we need is touch

In most cases, the lack of “gravity” among us is the result of psychological problems and social inhibitions, not the result of actual physiological problems. And if we are talking about psychology, then it is already known that man is a creature that is immeasurably influenced by his environmental knowledge.

If his wife looks like a normal human being, cared for in one way or another, and he wanders around into a dirty reality showing him blond, redhead, or mulatto figures with a silicon body, then it makes sense that he will start seeing the “natural wife” and the round figure less attractive than the sign that appears. On billboards this is not his fault.

Of course, the same rule applies to women and their husbands who are completely different from muscular, slick, and bully fashion models and jackets. Do we have a chance to win all the systems that aim to quickly disgust us from our husbands?

A way to heal the body and mind through joy and pleasure

If you ask Sivan Weitzfeld, senior therapist in “Intensity of Softness” (A Way to Heal Body and Mind Through Joy and Pleasure), she will tell you that the opportunity is not lost. She says: “We have to find a way to stimulate contact and sexual relationship between spouses, otherwise it cannot be called an intimate marital relationship or even a family. Without physiological contact, the feeling of sharing and partnership between a man and a woman disappears.”

According to her, not every contact must necessarily be linked to sexual contact, but it is important that when you get home there will be contact, a kiss, a hug. Speaking occasionally, put a hand on each other, even if they are two hundred years old.

Why is it so important for us to touch each other during the day?

“We accumulate a lot of stress during the day, the nervous system becomes very busy and ineffective. Then we don’t just talk and open up what is going on in our hearts, even at the level of ‘what happened to me today at work’, ‘what I’m afraid of,’ ‘what is stressful’ we are Also, we don’t always understand the value of touch for maintaining physical and mental balance, so we don’t use it to help each other break free.

“Many come to treat softness because of a lot of loneliness, and even those in a relationship seem to be looking for a deeper, more inclusive and softer relationship… Once I married a girl who for several months was unable to have sex with her husband.” She was looking for a way to escape from her to her. Other careers are countless, just not to get into relationships. The difficulty she faced caused her husband’s migraines, possibly as a result of a sexual blockage.


“Yes. Often times, migraines come from excess tension, which can help touch and sex to release. And when this doesn’t happen – the relationship becomes very tense and distant, the couple breaks up, and slowly the distress becomes a resounding silence. They can no longer communicate. And all of a sudden, “the area has words like” divorce. ” After we analyzed the emotional blockage that kept her away from her partner, the two of them returned to communicate and touch each other. “

Why do spouses enter a state of non-contact?

“Daily life is very tiring, and many times the spouses feel that they have no power over it. Suddenly legal contact becomes an effort. This is exacerbated by the fact that many people do not know about non-sexual contact because they did not receive many hugs when they were children.” It is the habit of children to communicate. Showers with lots of hugs, foot massages, and caresses. “

“Even the parents themselves must sometimes show a physical affinity, because the child must feel that there is a warm atmosphere in the house, that there is a touch in the house, that not every parent is a separate unit. A good touch creates a feeling as if the stone has fallen from my heart. Realistic change In total, I rejuvenate. When I am out of contact I become stressed and busy, and I have no power to give to anyone. The lack of communication greatly affects the nervous system, which is what drives us. When I do not release tension, it stays in all kinds of places in the body. ”

Touching happiness

No no, the cliché is clearly true and that everything that gets into a routine starts to get bored. So in order not to fall into a situation where you see your wife as a kind of


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